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Landlord Rent Default Insurance covers the insured landlord for nonpayment of rent due to a tenant defaulting on their lease payment obligations. So, if a tenant defaults on rent the insurance will pay you the amount of rent you are owed under your lease agreement with the tenant, after you file a claim that fully complies with all the terms and conditions of the policy. To learn more about the specific coverage available form Steady Insurance Agency LLC, take a look at the FAQ.

Many landlords purchase this type of coverage to ensure they are covered in the event of tenant default. Loss of rental income from investment properties can put you at risk of falling behind on mortgage or tax payments, quickly transforming a monthly income-producing asset into a monthly liability.

Steady Marketplace LLC is the exclusive marketing partner for Steady Insurance Agency LLC, a leading Program Manager and Underwriting Manager for Landlord Rent Default Insurance. Steady Insurance Agency LLC works with an A.M. Best Rated A+ and Fortune 100 Company.

Landlord Rent Default Insurance can be purchased by the property owner/landlord, meaning the person to whom rent is paid under the terms of the covered lease. In circumstances where a service provider, such as a property manager, has full power of attorney, that service provider may be able to purchase the policy on your behalf.

Usually not, but check the terms of your homeowner's or landlord insurance policy or contact your insurance provider to confirm.

Visit Steady Insurance Agency and learn more about Landlord Rent Default Insurance. From there you can create and account and provide information about your rental properties. Steady Insurance Agency will use that information to search for appropriate rental default insurance coverage and provide you with an estimate.

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Insurance producers should contact info@steadyinsurance.com to inquire about ways in which they can partner with Steady Insurance Agency LLC. Insurance producers are unable to work with Steady Marketplace LLC unless they wish to simply act as marketing partners.

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