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unreliable tenants

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Every year, millions of tenants default on their rent payment for all sorts of reasons...

  • Loss of job

  • Relationship heartbreak

  • Cash flow issues

...and less believable excuses like
"must have gotten lost in the mail"

Whatever the reason, rent remains unpaid.
This can negatively impact your bottom line and ability to pay your monthly expenses.

Don't let your tenants' misfortunes turn your property investment upside-down. Get Steady instead!

  • Insure any type
    of residence

    From single family rentals to 1000+ unit properties and everything in between.

  • Only pay for
    what you need

    No more, no less. Coverage available for 1.5 to 6 months of lost rent per year.

  • Fast claim

    If your tenant defaults on rent payments, file a claim and receive the shortfall from us.

Coverage availability is growing each week
as we add new states

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